My husband and I on a bicycle tour around the city.

As a Feng Shui Consultant, I find myself constantly looking at the world through Feng Shui eyes.  How is the ch’i flowing?  Not just in a building, but between businesses, organizations, between different people and how they all flow with nature.  On a recent visit to New York City, my husband and I wanted to find an alternative to staying in a hotel. I am not a huge fan of hotels as these places are often feng shui challenged.  We also prefer to live like locals when we travel and was pleased to learn of a relatively new social website called airbnb.com. It connects people who have space to spare with those who are looking for a place to stay; a nice exchange of ch’i.  Everything from a spare room to an entire top floor penthouse was available.  We settled on a loft in an historical district of the city. It was apparent our host also practiced Feng Shui.  Pleased to see and feel the intentionally placed items aligned with the bagua, our home away from home was a perfect match.


On our walks through the neighborhood, I discovered a spa with inviting ch’i.  I was sold on their attractive brochures advertising the spa as “feng shui’d for a calm and sacred environment”. I was delighted to spend my last day of vacation being pampered so I booked a treatment for my some sore legs and feet. (New Yorkers do a lot of walking!)


The spa entrance was beautifully arranged and designed, but I sensed some deficiency.  When shown to the lounge and changing area, I spotted a bleach bottle in the shower. I was taken aback by the toxic odor in this healing environment. They used artificial air fresheners (the plug-in type) and offered body lotions, cleansers and creams high in propylene glycol, PEG and Benzoic (all potential carcinogens and endocrine disrupters). These products were incongruent with vibrant ch’i and health. This got me to thinking.  Is a space truly feng shui’d if we do not pay attention to everything we bring into it? Is it our duty as feng shui practitioners to be stewards of the environment and educate ourselves about the harmful chemicals we bring into our homes and work places? If so, where do we begin?


Here are five steps to take to start looking at your home products through “Feng Shui eyes”:


  1. Start reading labels.  Just as we should be reading the labels on our food, so should we read the backs of toothpaste, cosmetic products and cleaning supplies.  These all make direct contact with our personal ch’i and the health of our physical body.
  2. If you do not know an ingredient, educate yourself.  A credible website for consumer products and the environment is called the Environmental Working Group   They  list recommended products and what harmful ingredients to watch out for.
  3. The more ingredients there are the more likely it has toxic ones. A great reference for beauty supplies is a book called “No More Dirty Looks” and can be accessed via www.nomoredirtylooks.com
  4. Start slow and be wary.  As you purchase new products, take your time and find out what your alternatives are. Many “natural products” have unhealthy ingredients.  There are no standards for using the word “natural” on a product and many “organic” products can contain toxic chemicals too.  My favorite online store for beauty supplies is NuboNau Every product they carry is tested and Nubo Nau has high standards that I trust.
  5. Utilize your food cabinet for more than just dinner.  White vinegar is one of the most versatile products in my kitchen.  I use this in my dishwasher as a rinsing agent, a window cleaner and a spot remover.  I also love to make honey masks for facials and add sugar to soap as a body scrub.

Looking at the world through feng shui eyes has encouraged me to be open to new ways of doing things. I have become more earth and health conscious. I have let go of old habits and discovered healthy new ones.  It is an ongoing process, but I am grateful for the journey.



Contact Info: Bergamot 760-436-5140 or Soulutions for Balance 858-720-0078


It is the yoga of self awareness and physical vitality. Through the combination of dynamic and static postures, breathing exercises (pranayama) and meditation, this yoga teaches you techniques to take control of your health and ease the stresses of your mind. Kundalini yoga is for those who want a deeper connection to their spirit and their creative, infinite energy that is always available. Once only taught to a few chosen students, Kundalini Yoga was made available in the United States by Master Teacher Yogi Bhajan. His goal was to not have students, but to have teachers who will share this technology to everyone who wants to live their greatest life; living happy, healthy and whole.

Scientific research is proving the physical, emotional and mental benefits of yoga as a viable modality in preventative and curative therapy. Yoga, meditation and breath control have significantly improved conditions of people with heart disease, diabetes, depression, anxiety disorders, chronic pain, digestive disorders, women’s reproductive issues, high blood pressure & many more. Kundalini Yoga postures are designed to strengthen and tone muscles while pranayama resets the nervous system. Through meditation and mantra chanting, the pituitary gland, or “master gland” is activated and balances the endocrine system helping to combat negative effects on health due to chronic stress. All levels of practice and physical abilities are welcome. Drop in or paid series options are available.

Shauna Piscitello is an Occupational and Certified Yoga Therapist and RYT-500. She teaches yoga and meditation to private and corporate clients and is the owner of SOULUTIONS FOR BALANCE(TM). As a kundalini yoga

Photo courtesy of Tara Diamond

practitioner, she experiences the benefits that she teaches to her students. “There is nothing richer or more satisfying in life than being fully present to yourself and others around you, during the “good and bad” times. This self-awareness allows you to navigate through life with objectivity, joy and freedom to trust your inner wisdom. I owe my physical health and vitality to my daily practice of Kundalini Yoga.”

The next Serenity Right Now Mind and Meditation One Day Retreat is Sunday, 11/6/11 Bergamot Spa 8am -3pm

BERGAMOT SPA LOCATED AT 775 N. Vulcan Ave,, Encinitas, CA (Just north of Leucadia Blvd and 1 street E. of Coast Hwy) http://www.bergamotspa.com

Are you craving some time for yourself? Would you like to be immersed in a day of mindfulness? Only two more “Serenity Right Now” Yoga and Meditation One Day Retreats left this year.  Join us for a day of bliss at the beautiful bergamot spa in Encinitas where we will be resting and rejuvenating the body with yoga, meditation and silence.  Yes, peace and quiet stillness is the theme for the day.  Book a treatment once the day is over and your day of serenity will be complete.

Sample schedule:

7:45 am check in

8 am retreat begins

Restorative Yoga


Yummy Vegetarian Lunch

Meditation Walk on the Beach

Afternoon Gong Meditation

More Blissful Yoga

Retreat ends at 3 pm


Retreat fee is $185 and includes light refreshments and lunch.

To register or for more information call (858) 720-0078 or email shauna@livinginbalance.org.

Location easily accessed from I-5 or Pacific Coast Hwy

Moments of quiet serenity are few and far between these days unless we make the effort to rest our minds.  Be guided through a day of peaceful presence where you will begin to unravel the mind, even if for a moment and experience the simplicity of silence and the power of right now.  This simple yet profound practice is an essential healthy habit for greater well-being and fulfillment.  Leave feeling rejuvenated and equipped with mindfulness tools for everyday.

Located at Bergamot Spa in Leucadia, California, the Balinese inspired garden is the perfect back drop for a one day immersion into mindfulness.  The Serenity Right Now sample day includes:

Restorative and Kundalini Yoga

Sitting and Walking Meditation

Vegetarian Lunch

Relaxation Tools for Everyday

Spa sessions available for those interested in pampered treatments

Choose one of the following dates or join us for all four.  Regular mindfulness practices are good for the soul:

Sunday 2/23, Saturday 5/7, Sunday August 6, or Sunday November 6/2011


Fee is $185 and includes light refreshments and vegetarian lunch

To Register, email shauna@livinginbalance.org or call (303) 503-5086


Facilitated by Shauna Langford-Piscitello, OTR/L, Yoga and Meditation teacher (www.livinginbalancewithshauna.com).  Shauna has been conducting workshops for over 20 years.  What she values most from her experience and training over the years is a daily meditation practice.  This continues to be the most profound tool for health and personal growth.  “There is nothing richer or more satisfying in life than being fully present to yourself and others. I hope you can join me for a day well planned for cultivating serenity for you right now.”                Shauna

My new tag line is “Creating Sacred Space from the Inside Out”.  I have been assisting clients more in this area of their lives through feng shui, energy clearing and spiritual coaching.  As with any business, it evolves and grows to what is needed.  I have been hearing from people for years that they want more balance in their lives but lately, there has been more desire for connection, transformation, truth and authenticity.    Every home should support you for this; this is sacred space;  a place for you to express yourself to the fullest, with surroundings that are supportive and nurturing to your soul.  Feng Shui is often associated with changing things in your environment to have positive change happen in your life.  The work that I am doing does this, but goes even deeper.  Beautiful transformation occurs in my clients’ homes and work spaces, but where they reap the greatest benefit (and the reason I am so passionate about this work) is change happens on the inside too.  This is our most sacred of space; the quiet, peaceful place within.

I’ve been wanting to blog about my definition of creating sacred space and then today a client sent me an email with her testimony for our recent work together.  I could not have described it better, so with her permission, I am sharing it with you.

“There has been an incredible shift in my relationship to life as a result of a recent Feng Shui experience with Shauna.  As a single mom and full custody provider my life was craving support (financial and emotional), boundaries with my child and outside situations, and overall harmony in my relationships and career.  My relationship with the father was very sensitive with poor communication and I often felt used or disregarded.

I started with these three intentions (create clarity,  boundaries and enhance relationships), which then grew to some clear visions for my life over the months that I worked with Shauna on my home.  Not only was my home de-cluttered, my mind was as well.

I began to relate to every area of my house with consciousness and what I was saying to the universe, how I was inviting the chi in each space.  I also began to connect to each item in my home from walls to furniture to artwork, etc.  I was able to shed many items that just did not make me feel good that were either given to me or I somehow accumulated along the way. Through this process I was awakened to the fact that I never related to anything in my life based on how it made me feel.  It opened a place of vulnerability and sensitivity inside me that brought me deeper into compassion and balance.  This was the most profound piece that I carry with me even outside of my home.

I no longer live in that home, however, the changes that occurred through Feng Shui will carry me into my next home.  My career shifted to a more supportive environment including financial.  My relationship with my son’s father is very loving and growing more positive each day.  We have become very good friends that support eachothers choices.  Relating to how I feel liberated my fears and opened communication with him.

Our sleep was very poor and by changing the bedroom and adding supportive items; sleep for both myself and my son improved greatly.  This is really important to our health!

Getting clear is always a way to manifest change and shift things in our life.  Not only did this experience provide me with that opportunity it also showed me how to support these changes in my home which simply feels right and good.”  Carissa 6/8/10

Carissa supported her intentions with meaningful items

Thank you, Carissa, for your testimony and thank you for diving in feet first to the feng shui experience.  You had fantastic results because you dedicated yourself to creating sacred space for you and your son.


Shauna Piscitello

If you’ve been inspired by books like the “Power of Now”, “Eat, Pray, Love” , or “The Secret Life of Bee’s”…

If you want to take back control over your schedule, emotions, energy, _____(fill in the blank)…

If you want to deepen (or begin) your yoga practice and integrate it into your life off the mat…

If you know that the time is now to connect with your authentic Self and enJOY life to its fullest…

then this series is designed for you.  Join me for a look at what it means to be at peace with yourself and experience life at the deepest levels.  Learn valuable techniques to handle stress, bring your life back to balance, have fun and sincerely live in the moment.

We, as humans, are sophisticated beings that rely on the alignment of our physical, emotional, and spiritual systems.  When these three systems are in balance, our lives flow with greater awareness and ease.  We currently live in a time where little attention is paid to the energetic aspects within us.  We are literally “burning out” physically and emotionally, largely due to lack of balance within our three part system.  We all know that there is more to life then our “to-do” and our “done-that” lists.  But on a deeper level, do you know that in every moment our lives hold a rich opportunity to connect you deeply to your purpose and the true meaning of living here now?

2010 is the year to bring yourself in harmony with all aspects of your being and tap into the juicy parts that you know are there.  This 6 part series will give you the opportunity to understand how the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of your life work together and what tools can be practiced for harmony and balance in your life.  These sessions are for anyone who wants to experience life fully and joyously.

The Details:

When: Sunday evenings 6-8pm March 28, April 11, 25, May 9, 23 and June 6

Where: Encinitas, California at Indigo Village 1052 2nd Street, Suite B (760)-633-3754

Register by March 15 and the fee is $295 ($350 if after)

Sign up by calling (858) 720-0078 by phone or email fengshuishauna@aol.com

Looking for Love?

When it comes to Feng Shui and Romance this is a great time of year to set your intentions for  your relationship.  Why?  Well, one reason is there are so many LOVE affirmations out right now readily available to you.  Everywhere you go there are hearts, fabrics in rich red, luscious pinks or wild animal prints.   If you are looking to spice things up, do a little Valentine’s shopping and makeover your bedroom.  Add a few pillows in your favorite fire color (reds).  Textures are yummy too.  Faux fur and satin sheets are very sexy.  Adding art with romantic landscape views or a couple in a loving embrace will enhance the luvv vibration of any room.  Whether you want to enhance a current relationship or attract the ch’i of a new one, support your desires with intentional  feng shui design


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